Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 - let's compare a year on

One year on since our first post blog with metrics on Cities Reference let's see what has changed:

Roman Reference Alexa of 68,750 is 4% down in ranking, as of January 2011 it has 525 apartments, a growth of 15% compared to last year
Paris Reference With Alexa of 133,700 has improved ranking by 2% compared to last year, and with 178 apartments it has grown its inventory by 131% (!)
Cities Reference With Alexa of 430,700 has improved ranking by 17% compared to last year. That's the parent site so we expect it to keep growing faster than average.
Copenhagen Reference Alexa 707,600 is down 49% in ranking compared to last year (!) and with 12 apartments has grown its inventory by 33%.
Madrid Reference With Alexa 1,163,600 has improved its ranking by 92% (!!) and with 12 apartments has grown its inventory by 33%.
London Reference with 2,268,000 goes down 115% in rankings and with 29 apartments strikes a 4% growth in inventory.
Barcelona Reference With Alexa of 2,798,000 has seen his rank worsen by 58%(!) and with 21 apartments it has improved its inventory by 11%.
Berlin Reference with Alexa 2,300,900 has lost 53% in ranking and with 13 apartments it has grown the inventory by 30%
Miami Reference with alexa 4,123,000 strikes a record down (240%) and with 8 apartments no growth in inventory
New York Reference with 3,500,000 has the biggest decline in rankings of all (340%) but with 21 apartments it has the biggest percentage of growth on inventory 162%.

Once again Analytics seems to have a slightly different, if realistically more precise, narrative. True Ranking and Visits are indeed two different metrics although we would tend to expect more alignment.

It reads a growth in visits of 16% on Roman Reference and ove 100% growth for Cities Reference, London and Miami, on Madrid it sees a record growth in visits by over 260%. Paris and Berlin instead decline in visitsby just over 20% and New York a staggering 95%. Barcelona barely equal to the previous year.

Last but not least there is one more metrics worth comparing, probably the most important, conversions. We have tracking only for Rome (+30%), Paris (+47%) and Copenaghen (-46%).

If we look at Paris we get some clues. Inventory grows 131% and as a consequence ranking goes up (looks like Alexa values especially returning customers) and, most importantly, conversions go up, even in spite of a decline in visits.

Inventory is clearly key!