Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update completion

We weren't able to complete the last update.

What changed for the three sites already listed is

Cities Reference up 8.2% with 61,000
Roman Reference up 7% with 58,000

Rome Apartments: up 2.5% in 2 weeks to 770 apartments. 60% growth annualized. Waste Ratio is 9.9%. Availability Ratio is 15% in low season counting only Instant Bookings (29% factoring in non instant)
Paris Apartments: stable at 343 apartments (!). Waste Ratio is 9.9%. Availability Ratio is 3.9% (48% factoring in non instant)
New York Apartments: stable at 149 apartments.  Waste ratio is 5.4% and Availability ratio is 0.7% (42% factoring in non instant)

Spotlight is needed still on
London Reference
Analytics: Our 6th site on traffic, up two positions, just below Copenhagen Reference by a few units. Time on Site is well above average at 67% of RomanReference's speed or 32.8% lower. Same goes for the Bounce, better than Paris and better than average.
London Apartments: It is our 3rd site with 151 apartments (421% rate of growth!) and an instant ratio of 61%! Waste ratio is 8.7%
Booking/Instant Ratio is 12.5%. Great numbers well worth further investment.
Availability Ratio:

Amsterdam Reference
Amsterdam apartments: 142 apartments our 5th site
Instant Ratio is 0. Waste Ratio is 0. Availability Ratio is 19% (but no Instants so actually 0)

Barcelona Reference
Barcelona apartments: 82. Our 7th site. Rank 1
Instant Ratio is 50%. Waste Ratio is 1%. Availability Ratio is 2.4% (or 39% factoring in non instant)

Belgrade Reference
Belgrade apartments: 91. Our 6th site. Rank 1
Instant Ratio: is 5.5%. Waste Ratio is 0. Availability Ratio is 1.1% (57% On Request)

Berlin Reference
Berlin apartments: 78 our 8th site. Rank 1. Instant Ratio is 57.7%. Waste is 0. Availability is 7.7% (43% on Request)

Brussels Reference
Brussels apartments: 50 our 11th site. Rank 0. Instant Ratio is 96%. Waste is 2%. Availability is 8% (10% On Request)

Copenhagen Reference
Copenhagen apartments: 14. Rank 1. Instant 0. Waste is 21.4%. Availability is 0 (50%)

Krakow Reference
Krakow Apartments 30 apartments. Rank 0
Availability ratio is 16.7% in low season. Waste Ratio is 0. Instant ratio is 100%

Madrid Reference
Madrid Apartments 58. Rank 0. Instant Ratio is 64%. Waste ratio is 1.7%. Availability 5,3% (13%).

Prague Reference
Prague Apartments 63. Rank 0. Instant Ratio is 98.4%. Waste Ratio is 0. Availability Rate is 8%.