Friday, December 13, 2013

Links and useful info of Cities Reference founder's presentation @VRMA European conference in Bruges (BE)

Just back from an intense two days of seminars and conferences @VRMA European seminar. VRMA is importing to Europe the educational and networking culture it has been selling with great success in the US for over 20years now, something that was and is key to the success of the Vacation Rental Market as a whole. Here is a look at the who's who on one of the vacation rental's leading online magazines,

As announced day before yesterday during Mr. Parasporo's presentation  here follow a list of relevant links to the subject discussed:

1- The Crisis: endogenic or exogenic @Vacation-Rental-Market?
2- The business models @Vacation-Rental now, which is winning?
3-@Property-Managers: the ponderability of prices:
4- Legal battle @Vacation-Rental-Market:
Legal battle against VR 
5-@Channel-Manager solution(?): 
6-@OTAs entering the Vacation Rental market
7- Origination Vs Destination marketing strategy
8- Investments @VR-Market since 2011
9- Is google turning to @be-Evil?
10- Engagement Vs conversions does it always work?

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  1. Thank you for all these meaningful links! VRMA Europe seminar was clearly a good moment. Hope to do it again in 2015!