Thursday, July 21, 2011

A benevolent Generalplan Ost for Cities Reference

Two months on a lot has happened, especially East of Europe Warsaw, Krakow, Prague and Belgrade apartments  are now listed, even Apartments in Venice are kind of East after all.) Sites listing vacation rentals (that is not blogs) are 17 therefore a whopping 70% up compared to our last post. Apartments are 1,333 compared to just 860 (55% growth). Most importantly the ratio Instant Vs On Request apartments has jumped to 46.2%! A productive couple of months indeed!

This is low season for monthly bookings (just over a 1000 they went down ca 30%) and it may be what helps apartments' growth since single owners get more spare time and an urge to fill the gaps

Let's give a look at the details

Cities Reference confirms its parent site status with 68,000 alexa (basically stable), disk usage is 4 times lower than Roman Reference still yet 6 times higher than the third ranking website (Paris). Analytics ranks it our second site in traffic twice more traffic than Paris Reference and stable at 33% of Roman Reference speed. Traffic is unsurprisingly down (7%) month on month (this is low season) but it's gaining speed on a yearly basis at 627% growth.
Time on Site (8:07) and Bounce Rate (36:38) are by far the best of all

Roman Reference
Alexa 66,000 is down 10% in two months (which comes with low season) and meeting with Cities Reference in the middle, this was bound to happen and likely Cities Reference should pass Roman Reference soon since it's become the general hub the previous used to be.
Disk Usage is still the highest with 25,000MB and 41,000MB of traffic
Analytics still the highest (66% more traffic than the 2nd best - 10 bookings everyone made by the second best). 14% growth in traffic year on year.
Apartments: With 667 apartments it has grown 13%(!!) compared to two months ago and almost 45% since May 2010. That seems to show a hell of an acceleration since its annualized rate, if it kept the pace is 156% almost 300% faster than last year.
Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 19.5. Considering only Instant it's 48.
Instant Vs On Request: Also the Instant ratio is improving sensibly with 41% compared to 38% only two months ago.
Conversion: on bookings is also improving to 83% of online bookings converted Vs 81+ two months ago
Booking requests: 887/Month, the slow down is pretty normal in low season, although 26% is double the slump in traffic.

Paris Reference
Alexa 127,000 is down 13.5% with low season and still firmly our third website.
Analytics:  our third site on traffic still faring at 16% of Roman Reference's speed, time on site is 40% lower than Roman Reference and bounce 22% higher so there is improvement in all measures. Year on year traffic is also improving to just 3.8% slower than last year.
Apartments: It's still our third website on apartments although the competition seems to be gaining speed. With 175 apartments it grew 9.4% in two months, so half the speed of Roman Reference and nothing compared to the speed of the developing websites below.

Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 11.5. Considering only Instant it's 54.

Instant Vs On Request: ratio has improved a lot to 20%
Conversion on bookings has improved sensibly to 57.3%
Bookings are still just below 10% of RR's
Altogether a reasonably good picture compared to two months ago and taking the season into account.

Berlin Reference:
Alexa: 2,258,000 down 10% with the low season
Analytics: It's our 6th site on traffic (1.8% of RR, slowly gaining field) so it's up one position, time on site is 61.9% lower than Roman Reference (so improving), bounce is 33% higher (stable).
Apartments: It's our third site for apartments, so up one position. With 77 apartments it grew  140% in two months. Pretty stunning growth

Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 3. Considering only Instant it's 5.1.
Instant ratio is 59.7%!! A stunning growth.
Booking Requests/Conversion ratio is 50% double last time, as for booking requests is 4th on our site 0.45% of RR this is also improving.
Very good jump ahead with Berlin

Alexa: with 3,558,000 is 153% down...
Analytics: It's our 7th site on traffic (2 down, 1.48% of RR, so going down)time on site is 56% lower than Roman Reference (improved) and bounce rate 20% higher (improved!). Year on year traffic is up 48.68%, that's a great figure! 
Apartments: It's our 4th site with 71 apartments, so up two positions and up 163% compared to only two months ago. One of the biggest velocity we got.

Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 3.3. Considering only Instant it's 5.4.
Instant Vs On request ratio has come to a flattering 60%! 
Booking Requests/Conversion ratio are too low to mention, the booking requests are plenty though, by far 3rd site.
Analysis: the fundamentals of Barcelona are now in order we only need to bring in some traffic.

This is just gone live but it runs real fast. 2,284,000 on Alexa and 62 apartments, mostly Instant. We've got great expectations

Alexa: 3,709,000 badly down
Analytics: It's our 10th site for traffic (stable, just .66% of RR, so going down in measure) time on site is 62% lower than RR, bounce is 9% worse than RR. So here there is a big jump in improvement.
Apartments: It's our 6th site for apartments (up 1 position), with 48 apartments it grew 243% in two months, the fastest website growth we got.
Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 2.3. Considering only Instant it's 3.
Instant ratio is 73%!! Our best on older websites
Booking Requests/Conversion ratio is Nil.

This is just gone live but it runs pretty fast. 3,193,000 on Alexa and 47 apartments, all Instant.

Alexa: at 2,397,000 is stable
Analytics: It's our 5th site on traffic (up 1! 2.66% of RR so improving quite a bit), time on site is 59.2% lower than Roman Reference, bounce rate is 20% higher. Kind of stable.
Apartments: It's our 8th site for apartments, down 5 positions. Hardly surprising since we're growing in the Euro area mainly.  With 46 apartments it grew a meagre 5% in two months.

Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 10. Very good rate for a developing one.
Instant ratio is 2.1% and Booking Requests/Conversion ratio is too low to mention, as for booking requests though it's our 5th site.
Analysis: New York has slowed down, this is hardly surprising since we are concentrating on Europe right now

Alexa: with 1,879,000 this has been the only site growing in traffic during the slow down.
Analytics: It's our 8th site for traffic (stable, 1.3% of RR), time on site is 27.4% lower than RR, which is great! and bounce rate is 6.1% higher than RR, which is also great!
Apartments: it's our 8th site for apartments with 33 of them, down 3 positions due to the Euro focus of the past couple of months, up 14% in two months on inventory which is not bad.

Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: 4.8.
Instant ratio is Nil and Booking Request/Conversion is 8%, as for booking requests it's 3rd on our site 2.8% of RR which is not bad
We expect London to grow dramatically after the summer once we'll have sorted out our currency problem and concentrated on the non Euro countries

This is just gone live but it runs pretty fast. 4,200,000 on Alexa and 32 apartments, all Instants.

Copenhagen Reference:
Alexa: 3,998,000 traffic went tumbling down since we stopped believing in its growth and investing in it.
Analytics: It's still our fifth site on traffic (down 1 position and 2.5% of RR), time on site it's 64% lower than Roman Reference, bounce rate is 17% higher. Traffic year on year is down 28%.
Apartments: It's our 11th site with 13 apartments, precious little growth since six months, 33% year on year.
Visitors Vs Apartments Ratio: is still the best we got: 26! The problem are the deals on sale which just aren't great at this stage.
Instant is 0 and Booking Requests/Conversion ratio is 25%, as for booking requests it's our 6th site

There are 6 more websites, 2 of which brand new, although they're either too slow or too new to mention. Next time!