Tuesday, March 6, 2012

End of an Era - Survival of the fittest

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” (Charles Darwin)

We just thought maybe Charles got it wrong for once... and guess what, we blew it. In a period of grand consolidation we went like:

'Hey, why don't we spread out our site and make it many? Exploding into thousands of city-sites that will feel like local. Glocal! Was it us that invented the word? Cool'.

Yeah sure, shame it didn't work though, had we listened to Charles in the first place we would have spared some nice time and money. It's been fun ultimately, so we're fine, aren't we?
 Ok here is the announcement followers and fans: starting tomorrow, if it's not tomorrow it's going to be monday, either way it's happening soon before you know it unless you follow us on Facebook, all our city-sites will disappear and merge into Cities Reference, with one and only city-site survivor, of course, Roman Reference.

I said it.

Too much hassle running behind tens of websites, we couldn't handle it. Also, more fundamentally, this division into indipendent city-sites ultimately felt like a cheat to the people we care the most: You.

If You go to a city-website you want its heart and soul to reside there, its staff, its office, and You're right. You didn't say, but we listened harder. Our heart and soul reside in the website and our office and staff resides in Rome. Space/time in our modern age has comfortably collapsed enough to let us be global from just... here. The launch will follow (in a Facebook near you ;).

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  1. That's the best "my bad" I've ever read. And that's why I love you guys.