Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travelers' reviews

Ever since Tripadvisor.com came out with the unbiased user generated content at the beginning of the last decade our internet life has changed... for the better.
At first we didn't quite think so. It was 2001 and a client fishing for a refund wrote harshly about us. We dind't know a thing about Tripadvisor or even the concept of user generated content. We found it shocking! We thought she wasn't in good faith and, thankfully, Tripadvisor pretty quickly agreed with us and took her comment offline. Fair enough ;)
Within a year we had adopted user generated content in our website and the whole philosophy of unbiased reviews.
A lot has changed since and there is a lot more automated checks and balances in place nowadays when publishing a traveler's review.

We ensure the following
  1. The traveler posting the review has to be 'real', we'll cross check the email address and dates provided to verify he actually stayed at the apartment she is reviewing.
  2.  To ensure it's unbiased we don't allow either Cities Reference and/or rental apartment owners to 
  • edit reviews. Rental owners can add a separate response that is displayed in addition to the original review.
  • delete reviews. However rental owners can protest a review.
To leave your traveler's review
  1. either access the property listing using the direct link you find on your booking correspondence with us or go to CitiesReference.com and use the listing number or the address in the quick search.
  2. On the listing page for your apartment rental, click ‘Been here? Write a Review.’ Top right hand, just below the apartment's address.
  3. Describe your experience. Tell everyone about your stay and the apartment.

You will find your review
  1. On the homepage, where they are listed as they come, in chronological order to improve the immediateness and transparence of the travelers experience on our website.
  2. On the apartment listing's webpage, as a useful, if not just essential tool for the traveler's informed decision on booking.
Happy rentals everyone!

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