Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to Cities Reference

Welcome to blog. In the past years we've kept a blogonly for Rome and one for Paris, with Rome, being our best and foremost website, picking up on all our best posts.
The idea is to slowly move all generalist and vacation market related posts here and leave strictly those related to Rome in romanreference blog, Paris in blog, etc.
Cities Reference blog should sort of encompass all the other cities and we though a good way to start with this would be to take a picture at the Alexa and Compete rankings of all our network's websites from most to least relevant/visited:

Roman Reference clearly comes first with alexa ranking of 66,000 and a 360,000 on compete
Paris Reference is second with 137,00 on Alexa and 649,000 on compete
Copenhagen Reference is third with 358,000 and 878,000
Cities Reference with 518,000 and 742,000
New York Reference with 793,000 and 936,000
London Reference with 1,053,000 and 742,000
Berlin Reference with 1,090,000 and 1,197,000
Barcelona Reference with 1,186,000 and 935,000
Miami Reference with 1,223,000 and 927,000
Madrid Reference with 2,235,000 and not yet ranked on compete

In other words, at the beginning of 2010 our Rome vacation rental website is still leading uncomparably faster than the other. We'll take other measures in the next posts and see how this is going to change now that we'll start implementing a more global strategy.

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