Saturday, January 7, 2012

Apartments' ranking algorithm change to be launched tomorrow

Don't be surprised if your apartment will rank different tomorrow.

In our bid to be as transparent as we can here follows the exact break down of ranking factors.

  • 30% will depend on our recommendation
  • 20% on whether you're listed as Instant Booker
  • 30% on bookings, ie how often and for how long for your apartment gets booked. Note that booking logs are erased shortly after check out, so the ranking you earn with bookings is not there forever.
  • 10% on reviews, ie how often and how well your apartment gets reviewed by clients
  • 10% on interaction with Cities Reference, ie how often and how deeply you interact with our website.
Please note: In August 2012 we added the Priority Owner status as a ranking factor affecting an additional 10% on total.

Got more questions? Find more answers in Cities Reference help page or through Cities Reference contact page.

Best tip to gather rankings fast? Get bookings. How do you get bookings even with a low rank? Competitive rent price, many travelers sort by price...

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