Monday, January 30, 2012

Cities Reference's Fees and Commissions

Cities Reference's Commissions

Following recent changes and Property Owners requests on Cities Reference Facebook page for ever increased transparency and clarity here follow the details of how our commissions work.

Most of you seem to know already that our Commissions and Fee can range from 3% to 20.5% and that owners can decrease it by 25% in one go when activating the Instant Booking. But you're unclear on how exactly you can push the rental fee downward, besides the promotions Property Owners can make and the discount coupons travelers can enjoy, that are detailed in our discounts post. Here follows our best attempt at shedding some light on the whole process.

Commission is composed of a fixed and of a variable factor,  Fee is one and only and it's 3% levied from the traveler on those apartments that are listed at annual flat fee. The fixed part of the Commission depends on the booking system you apply to your listing (Instant or On Request), the variable part on the total rent amount of your booking.  
The Variable Commission subtracts from the Fixed Commission in inverted proportion to the final rent cost.

The Fixed Commission

Instant Booking apartments are charged 16% of the price posted on Cities Reference's websites.
On Request apartments are charged 20.5%.

The Variable Commission

The above commission will decrease by 10% every 50% increase of the rental cost heading down to the set minimum 9%.

The Fixed Fee

 As of 2013 Property Owners have the option of paying a flat annual listing fee per apartment as opposed to the above commission structure and the fixed fee levied per booking will go down to 3%.

Please note: When comparing our fees to others please make sure their fee structure is clear, there often is a double charge, some to the owner and some to the renter. We only charge one flat fee.

Find furter information on Cities Reference help page.

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